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P-III Associates, Inc.

2011 P-III Associates, Inc. Archeological Internship Program


To expose college and university students to the business of contract archeology, P-III Associates has established an archeological internship program.


These internships are available to undergraduate and graduate students majoring in archeology. These internships will run for 90 days. Interns will participate in the excavation of prehistoric sites in Nevada.  Housing and food will be provided along with a stipend.


P-III Associates, Inc.  does not offer course credit for internships, but will gladly certify work/study performed and provide evaluations if students wish to arrange for credit through an academic institution. P-III Associates will also provide a job reference at the end of the internship if requested.


Apply by downloading and filling out the application form below and returning it to P-III Associates, Inc.


email: P-III Associates


Applications are due by May 6, 2011


2011 Inter

2011 Internship Application Form