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P-III Associates, Inc.

  Cultural Resource Services

P-III Associates is a full service cultural resource consulting firm. We conduct archeological and historical projects of all sizes from a quick turn around on a single well pad to large-scale, multi-year excavation and monitoring programs. We have a long-standing reputation of submitting high quality work and enjoy strong working relations with all government reviewing agencies.

We offer the entire range of cultural resource compliance services including:


Class I, II, and III Survey and Inventory

Treatment and Mitigation Planning

Archeological Testing for Eligibility

Cultural Monitoring During Construction

National Register of Historic Places Evaluations

Literature and Records Searches

Historic Contexts and Archival Research

Accessioning and Cataloging Services



Phase I, II, and III Investigations

Data Recovery Excavations

Archeological Mitigation

HABS/HAER Documentation

Collection and Curation Processing

Public Outreach Programs

Cultural Consultation Services

Cultural Affiliation Studies



 Specialized Cultural Resource Services

P-III Associates also provides the following services when there is a need for close coordination between the client and reviewing agencies for sensitive cultural resources:


Traditional Cultural Properties Consultation

NAGPRA Plan of Action

Off-site Mitigation

Development of Memoranda of Agreement (MOA)

Ethnographic Interviewing

Visual Impact Consultation