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P-III Associates, Inc.


P-III Associates has received numerous unsolicited commendations from clients about the quality of our services and our ability to meet deadlines. For example,

Regarding a highway inventory in Utah:

. . . This was an excellently written report and I appreciate the detail and thoroughness. The historic culture history provides a great deal of information, and the methods section contains a level of detail I have never seen for this section. The recording of the sites is thorough, the site maps are very well done, and the justifications for the eligibility recommendations are very thoughtful. Again, I commend you on this effort; this level of information makes my job in evaluating your work much easier. - Utah Department of Transportation, Salt Lake City, Utah

Regarding a fire rehabilitation inventory in Nevada:

We found the report to be very well-written and well-organized. A high-quality, professional effort. . . We appreciate the fact that evaluations were based on research questions developed from a historic context and we approve of the research domain format. Good work. - Bureau of Land Management, Winnemucca, Nevada

Regarding an 8000-acre inventory in Utah:

First, let me say 'well done' - I found no errors or omissions in the text, graphics, or data contained in the draft deliverables . . . The report appears complete and solid, contains an appropriate amount of content, and is essentially free of textual errors. As far as I'm concerned, the report can be finalized in its current form. - State of Utah School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration, Salt Lake City, Utah

Regarding a fire rehabilitation inventory in Utah:

PIII [Associates, Inc.] worked this job between snow storms; their accomplishment of this field work during this winter is awesome! - Bureau of Land Management, Salt Lake City Field Office, Utah

Regarding the development of a Treatment Plan for an Historic Mining District in Northern Nevada

. . . [the] Bureau of Land Management and SHPO were quite complimentary of the emphasis on public archeology that P-III [Associates, Inc.] developed in the draft mitigation plan. The Northeastern Nevada Museum is also excited at the prospect of acquiring a display on early mining activities on the Carlin Trend. - Newmont Gold Company, Elko, Nevada

All of P-III Associates’ clients receive the same courteous customized service. Contact us today to see how we can assist you in meeting your cultural resource compliance responsibilities.